NL7A Repeater

Frequency: 448.800 MHz
Offset: -5.0 MHz
CTCSS / PL Tone: 136.5 Hz
Located in Kodiak, Alaska
NOTE:  The repeater covers everything in Kodiak itself relatively well.  There are some dead spots driving Rezanof between the airport and the traffic signal.  The repeater can be accessed in Bells Flats with a good HT and antenna, as well as a mobile transceiver.  The repeater does also cover the airport and United States Coast Guard Base.

For those who want to connect with VOIP, here is the information needed to make that happen:
Allstar: Node #59329 – Callsign NL7A
Echolink: Access to the repeater via Echolink works best through our Conference Server *KODIAK*, node number 144408.  The repeater is always connected to our Conference Server.

Last Frontier Weekly Net

Last Frontier ARS holds a weekly net every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm Alaska Time.  We run this net seasonally from September 15th through May 15th.  Please check us out on Netlogger!  More information on net controllers will be coming soon.

How to access it...

Allstar:  NL7A, Node Number:  59329
Echolink:  *KODIAK* Conference Server, Node Number:  144408
Locally in Kodiak:  NL7A Repeater