Last Frontier ARS Membership

Last Frontier ARS offers membership for those who want to show their support towards our incredible cause.  We offer four different types of membership.  They are as follows:

Full Annual Membership:  Alaska Resident  -  $10.00
Partial Annual Membership:  Non-Alaska Resident  -  $15.00
Lifetime Membership:  Alaska Resident  -  $125.00 (Full Membership for Life)
Lifetime Membership:  Non-Alaska Resident  -  $200.00 (Partial Membership for Life)

Benefits of Membership

Club members who are Alaska Residents are permitted to vote in all elections held by Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society, as carefully outlined in our By-Laws.  Club members who are not residents of Alaska are not permitted to vote in elections, however are encouraged to voice any suggestions relating to club function.  All members, regardless of where you live, would get exclusive access to our club's quarterly newsletter delivered via email as well as early release on any of our course material if studying for a license upgrade.  As we continue to grow, more perks will come!  We feel this is a great start.

Membership Application

Our application for membership can be found by going HERE.  Membership applications are approved quarterly during our regular board meetings.  Once your membership is approved, we will send you an invoice to pay your dues.  Annual membership dues are renewed every year in October.  We will send emails approximately 60 days prior with a notice to renew.  Should you decide not to renew, you will be able to select that option in the form at that time.  If you have selected to become a lifetime member of Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society, we will mail you a printed certificate of lifetime membership that will have a serial number on it.  We will be offering some things in the near future and that number will be required to get special discounts on some of the club's apparel and other items.