Free Remote License Testing for Alaskans

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Effective 02/23/2024, Last Frontier ARS is using the ARRL VEC for all license testing purposes.

What is fully remote testing?

Fully remote testing is defined as a method of exam delivery where you have 1 applicant with two video feeds in the same room and at least 3 accredited Volunteer Examiners monitoring remotely by video conference.

What you need to know about our fully remote testing service for Alaskans:

1.)    When you request your date and time to test, we do use the Alaska Time Zone.  Alaskans using this page to begin their exam registration may select to test with us at a regularly scheduled exam session or test with us on-demand.  On-demand testing requires a 48 hour notice, meaning we ask for you to pick a date and time that's at least 48 hours later to ensure we can put a team together.

2.)    Certain applicants are not eligible to test with us.  To see if you're eligible to take an examination with Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society, please click HERE.

3.)    We require two devices; the first being a laptop or desktop that will display your exam, and the second a smartphone or tablet for us to have an additional viewing angle of you while testing.  More information on how we want your devices setup can be found by clicking HERE.  Should you not have the ability to setup two devices, or lack sufficient bandwidth to take a fully remote exam, we do offer Proctored Remote Testing.  To learn more about our Proctored Remote Testing service, please click HERE.

4.)    You must have a current, updated web browser to take the exam.

5.)    You must have the Zoom desktop client or mobile app installed on your computer and second device (smartphone or tablet).  It must also be updated prior to testing with us.

6.)    There is NO fee to test with us.  Legally established residents of Alaska test for free!

7.)    We will be corresponding with you via email.  Each email you receive from us will explain in detail what happens next.  These emails contain necessary instructions that you must follow or your exam will be canceled.

We use one email address for all communications with applicants regarding our exam service.  To ensure you receive any and all communication from us, please whitelist the following email address PRIOR to completing any application:


NOTE:  You will need to replace the |[at]| with a "@" in the address above.  Your willingness to help us whitelist this email address ensures you are receiving all communication relating to your remote examination.  You will NOT receive a Zoom link until we are ready for your to join us for testing.

      --  a.)  After submitting your Google Form, we will send you an email that is entitled "Important Exam Day Info - MM/DD/YYYY".  That email will contain additional critical instructions requiring your immediate attention.  Please check your junk or spam folder, as it may not appear in your inbox.  HELPFUL TIP:  Be sure to whitelist the email address above so you can watch for this very important message.  A lot of people receive email communications like this in Spam or Junk.  If you still don't see it, do a search for "LFARS" and it's very likely you will find it.

      --  b.)  When your exam time has come, you will receive an email with a subject that reads "It's time for your exam!"  That is where you will see the link to join us on Zoom.  Again, please check your junk or spam folder, as it may not appear in your inbox.  If you are unable to make your exam and promptly notify us, we will reschedule you upon meeting the requirements laid out in our "Rescheduling Policy" page by clicking HERE.  We will need a date you'd like to test.

8.)    If you pass, it may take five to ten business days before the FCC receives the data needed to issue a new license or process an upgrade in the ULS.

Should you find yourself unwilling to make the donation in lieu of rescheduling your examination with us, we will remove your application from our system.  From there, you'll simply have to re-apply.  Applicants are permitted to reschedule one time.  No exceptions!

Are you unsure if you're actually ready to test and want to take a practice exam using our platform?  If so, please click HERE to launch our practice exam generator.

Still have questions?  Take a look at our frequently asked questions page HERE.

Alaskans testing with us will need to upload certain items to prove residency status.  For more information on our required documentation, please read through our press release by clicking HERE.  The link will open in a new tab.

Be sure to CAREFULLY read the instructions when completing your registration after clicking the link below!