Technician Study Material


You will see a link below called Technician Video Course.  The video is 6 hours, 30 minutes in duration.  You will see a portion of the course that loses partial video feed starting at 11 minutes, 6 seconds and returns at 12 minutes, 30 seconds.  The audio will continue playing but the video is corrupted during that short duration.  Do NOT fast forward the video, just let it play.  That section of the course does not show any pertinent visual information.

The video is approximately 15 years old, but covers the theory needed for someone to pass the Technician class amateur radio license and also learn the fundamentals necessary to communicate over HF.  We strongly advise you watch the video through a couple times prior to looking at any of the PowerPoint modules.  It will provide a tremendous foundation for the information that is contained in each module.

Included is a zip file containing PowerPoint modules.  These modules are used by our club in a classroom setting.  If you watch the video beforehand, it will provide reinforcement to each module and give a lot of clarification on many of the topics required to earn your license.  Do remember that everyone starts at Technician, followed by General and onward to Amateur Extra.

Also included are some files that contain additional reference notes, plus a current bandplan.  We hope the information is helpful and look forward to hearing you on the amateur radio bands!

Technician License Study Materials

===> Amateur Radio Etiquette (written by Brandin Hess, WB1BR)
===> Amateur Radio Notes - Technician & General Class License
===> Amateur Radio Band Plan (U.S.)
===> Electronic Component Chart (pdf format)
===> Technician Class Frequency Privileges (pdf format)
===> Technician Class Practice Exams
===> 2022-2026 Technician Class Study Guide (pdf format)
    NOTE: This guide covers the current Technician class question pool, listing the question with correct answers.  Anything requiring an explanation and/or graphic demonstration is included as well.
===> Technician Video Course - Older
    NOTE: This course is the video with minor issues at the beginning.  It is still an excellent presentation and covers all of the theory you will need to get into amateur radio and help you be successful in passing your exam!
===> Technician Video Course - New Course by the ARRL!