Felony Question Explained

As of September 7th, 2017, the FCC requires applicants to declare whether they have been convicted of a felony in a state or federal court in the United States.  The basic qualification question is now included on Form 605.  Candidates must answer the qualifying question when:

    a.)  Testing for a new license or upgrade
    b.)  Changing their call sign
    c.)  Changing their name
    d.)  Renewing a license

NOTE: The qualification rule applies to standard licenses, vanity call licenses, and club call licenses (trustee is responsible for answering the question).

Candidates who answer "yes" to the felony question will still be allowed to test.  If they pass the test, they will be given a file number within one business day of the exam session.  The candidate will need to upload a letter explaining the charges, disposition, and how they feel being issued an amateur radio license will benefit public interest.  They will have 14 calendar days to provide this information.  Your file number can be found by clicking (search by name) HERE.  All communications from that point on must be directly with the FCC.

License holders who previously answered "yes" do not need to resend all their documentation after upgrading.  In their cover letter or message, provide the FCC file number where the application was granted.  That number can be found by clicking (search by name) HERE.

Candidates are welcome to email a cover letter (with FCC file number included) and documentation to attach605|[at]|fcc.gov, or they can upload it through the ULS.  Alternatively, you may use this address if sending by postal mail:

Federal Communications Commission
1270 Fairfield Rd.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245

All information will be posted on a publicly viewable website unless you ask for confidentiality.  To do so, simply state at the beginning of the cover letter or email that you would like that message and documentation treated confidentially.

The Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society will submit these applications, regardless of how the basic qualification question is answered.  Applications with a "yes" answer will be held in a pending status awaiting resolution.  The FCC will either approve the application or request additional information.  The Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society will not be notified of the FCC decision.  Please do not contact us for more information.

The Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society understands that this is a sensitive issue.  You will be treated with the utmost respect.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us by email at ve|[at]|aarg.club.  Remember that all questions pertaining to the new rule itself must be addressed directly to the FCC.