Email Correspondence with LFARS

We use one email address for all communications with applicants regarding our exam service.  To ensure you receive any and all communication from us, please whitelist the following email address PRIOR to completing any application:


NOTE:  You will need to replace the |[at]| with a "@" in the address above.  Your willingness to help us whitelist this email address ensures you are receiving all communication relating to your remote examination.  You will NOT receive a Zoom link until we are ready for your to join us for testing.

      --  1.)  After paying for your exam, we will send you a confirmation email that details your exam date/time.  The subject line of that email will be entitled "Remote Exam Confirmation".  That email will have further information on what happens next.  Please check your junk or spam folder, as it may not appear in your inbox.
Tip:  Be sure to whitelist the email address above so you can watch for this very important message.  A lot of people receive email communications like this in Spam or Junk.  If you still don't see it, do a search for "LFARS" and it's very likely you will find it.

      --  2.)  Within 48 hours of your confirmed exam session, we will send out an email to all examinees participating at the session you registered for.  The subject line of that email will be entitled "[ACTION NEEDED] Pre-Session Certification".  The email will contain a link to complete a pre-session certification form.  That form requires you to upload a copy of your valid government issued photo identification.  More information on what ID we accept can be found by going HERE.  This helps us ensure the data being sent to the FCC is correct and also improves your testing experience with us!

      --  3.)  Once the pre-session certification form is completed and processed by us, you will receive another email that lists your assigned time slot.  The subject line of that email will be entitled "Important Exam Day Info - MM/DD/YYYY".  That email will contain additional critical instructions requiring your immediate attention.

      --  4.)  When your exam time has come, you will receive an email with a subject that reads "It's time for your exam!"  That is where you will see the link to join us on Zoom.  Again, please check your junk or spam folder, as it may not appear in your inbox.  Should you not make it to your confirmed exam session, your fee will not be refunded!  However, if you are not able to make it and promptly notify us, we will reschedule you upon meeting the requirements laid out in our "Rescheduling Policy" page by clicking HERE.  We will need a date you'd like to test.